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Ilka Müller-Patham

The first step you do, leads you the way. In front of you, a life full of learning, happiness, and well-being – for your body and soul. Let me be with you along your way.


In my work as a Yoga/Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and teacher, I focus on a holistic approach. Every being has its own sufferings and struggles. We will together find the right treatment, practice, course for you. It's a lifetime of learning and we will go side by side. Let me hold your hand.

In my holistic approach every session is created to the clients needs, touching the physical, energetic and emotional body.

I regularly offer courses and retreats for Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage in Goa or other places around the world. Please check here for more information or get in contact directly with me.

NEW Yoga Classes at Sunbird Shala

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, evening 18-19.30

​Where: Aldona, Goa, India


Basic 2

22-26, November 2023


Thai Yoga Massage &Bodywork



Thai Yoga Massage (in Thai: Nuad Boran) is a unique healing art which is centuries old and combines techniques and principles of Yoga, Acupressure and Thai Traditional Medicine.

A treatment of Thai Yoga Massage has many benefits only a few will be mentioned here:

It helps to boost your immune system and detoxifies your body, works on your blood pressure, helps your muscles to relax and increases muscle flexibility and general mobility. It increases your breathing ability and helps you against anxiety and stress.

With Thai Yoga Massage we can improve your alignment and the body appearance. It helps to slower the aging process and balances mind and body. It is very good for physical treatment of tight fascia, painful joints and tight muscle bands and knots. It has the ability to open your inner and outer energy lines and boosts you from inside and outside.

In my practice Loving Kindness (Metta in Buddhist spirituality) plays a vital role. Practitioner and receiver connect on a very deep compassionate level. So it becomes a healing practice for both participants. If you want to learn this style of bodywork have a look at my courses.

Next to Thai Yoga Massage, I offer Acupressure, Reflexology and Spiritual Guidance through mediation. Get in contact to receive more information.


Over the years of Bodywork and Yoga practice I developed a unique skill set of different massage and bodywork styles and techniques as well as deep knowledge of the physical and nonphysical human body. I studied with different senior masters of the Healing Arts in India and Thailand. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and love for this art with you. Book your treatment or course with me and dive deeper into your journey of helping and healing others and yourself.

Coure and Reteats

 Courses & Retreats



My Basic Training Course in Thai Yoga Massage is divided in two parts, Basic 1 and Basic 2, each about 25 hours of training and a total of 50 hours of Thai Yoga Massage.

The classes include an introduction into history and philosophy as well as different bodywork techniques like stretching, pressing, rocking in all four positions: back-lying (supine), side-lying, stomach-lying (prone) and sitting position.


You will learn about

  • history and philosophy of Thai Yoga Massage

  • basic anatomy and principles of the human body

  • the basic Thai acupressure points as well as other relevant points and regions

  • the energy (“Sen”) lines and their importance

  • different passive yoga stretches

  • how to stay healthy as a practitioner

These techniques are good to release the muscular tension (Lactic Acid), improve the blood circulation, boost the immune system, balance the energy of the body, increase the flexibility and prevent injuries. You will learn the connection of breath and movement and how to reach a state of bliss for your client but also for the practitioner.


You will be provided with all the theoretical support needed (guide book to take notes and follow the classes).

 As a SPECIAL addition, usually all my courses include restorative and bodywork influenced yoga classes, which keep you centered, mobile, healthy and well throughout the training.


Thai Yoga Massage for Beginners

25-28, January 2024​

Thai Yoga Massage for Beginners

(Basic 1)

25 hrs certified course at Assagao Birthing Centre, Assagao, Goa


Thai Yoga Massage |
Deutsch & Englisch


22. Juli 2023, 9-12 Uhr - Falkenhof, Strothe, Deutschland

Einführung in die Thai Yoga Massage

Dreistündiger Workshop mit Vortrag und Praxisteil. Kurzer Überblick über Geschichte und Philosophie der Thai Yoga Massage mit darauf folgendem Praxisteil, in dem man unterschiedliche Techniken für den Gebrauch zu Hause erlernen kann.





at SUNBIRD SHALA, Quittla/Aldona

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 - 7.30 pm

My evening classes at SUNBIRD SHALA, in Aldona/Quittla, Goa help you in many different ways. Through Asana practice we work on building up strength as well as on releasing tense muscles and fascia. Through long hold Asana positions, Pranayama and Mediation we calm down and heal. My experience as a Bodywork and Massage Therapist shows in my classes to a great extend. As a teacher i try to be always present and to help you with all my abilities as a stretch, bodywork and acupressure specialist. Its a unique mostly restorative practice with Iyengar, Hatha, Yin and also Pilates influences.

It's a nice mix for beginners as well as advanced students. If you suffer from health issues please don't hesitate in joining. We will find a way for you to be comfortable.


For short term private classes please get in contact.


My style of Yoga is a combination of Hatha and restorative Iyengar combined with Pilates, Thai Bodywork/Massage and the learnings from my own physical/spiritual practice. I am a 200 hrs certified Hatha and Iyengar teacher by Aum Studio, Goa under the guidance of Om Prakash Gaur.  I believe that anybody is able to heal and to lead a healthy and happy life with the right guidance and help. In my classes we use props so that even with certain health issues you will be able to feel the effects of Yoga. Breathing and inner guidance is a strong foundation of my classes.


Radhika, India

Ilka has an incredibly calming energy. I credit her with helping me to truly understand the value yoga brings to my life.

Elke und Uli.jpg

Ulrich und Elke Müller, Germany

Endlich werden meine Rückenbeschwerden besser und auch meine Atmung ist mir viel bewusster geworden..."

"Aufgestanden: ich: nein, jetzt Yoga?
Atmen, bewegen, entspannen puuuuuuh
Nach der Stunde: entspannt! besser atmen! einfach  ein gutes Gefühl!"



Pia, India

I’ve pretty much spent my whole adult life searching for the perfect massage, or perhaps the perfect masseuse. Someone in whose presence I can feel safe and held - and destiny lead me to Ilka ...


The massage was just the right balance of pressure and gentleness and she knows intuitively how to get to those knots!


Shanto, India

A Healing Touch
I... It was a healing journey for me and much more than just physical work. She is intuitive and responsive to the needs of the body and emotions.


Yoga Classes  at SUNBIRD SHALA in Quittla, Aldona, Goa, India

Sunbird Healing Studio in Aldona, Goa, India

Tel. +9049234636


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